Keeping track of your teens is a challenging job.  This information will help you at least know what is going on at Church.

Consent Forms

Any event, retreat or outing that requires students to be away from the church requires a current Armstrong Chapel Liability form on file.  Forms are good for two years and are kept on file in the church office.  (Click for the Parental Consent & Liability Form). Each retreat also has a permission form and sometimes a separate liability form required by the site, such as Nub’s Nob for the ski retreat.

Resources for parents

There are many resources available in print and online to help you navigate the challenges that come with raising teens. Here are a few we find helpful.  If you know of others let us know and we can add more.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)    

Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents                       

Help Your Teen Own His/Her Faith                      

 Snack Supper

It’s no secret teenagers seem to always be hungry.  We offer a snack supper on Wednesday evenings before VI gets started for anyone who wants to eat.   As parents we need your help.  Please consider hosting a Wednesday night meal.  Contact Ruth Powell to sign up to help.


Parents are often needed to chaperone events away from the church.  Outings like paintball and broomball need drivers to get the group where they need to go.  Retreats need adults to come along and provide leadership during the event. Please consider giving of your time on one or more occasion to support our student ministry.

Youth Ministry Support Team (YMST)

This team is made up of parents or other interested adults who can provide hands on leadership to the youth ministry.

Our mission is to empower the Vertical Impact youth ministry of Armstrong Chapel by:

–        Praying for our youth, youth leaders, and God’s vision.

–        Providing mutual accountability, wisdom and sound advice to our Youth Pastor and Youth Ministry Team.

–        Enabling dynamic Worship that fills the spiritual needs of Armstrong/community youth.

–        Encouraging energetic involvement through frequent and varied large and small group Fellowship activities.

–        Mentoring students, student leaders and collegians to grow in Discipleship.

–        Serving as a resource for this dynamic and active youth Ministry by organizing parents and other congregation members to provide meals, transportation, and fundraising; and advising and enabling our Youth Pastor to manage our budget and meet funding needs.

–        Promoting youth dedication to Evangelism and selfless service to others by providing outreach opportunities.

Contact Kyle Hazen if you wish to serve on this team.

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