Events-Vertical Impact is all about fun and fellowship.  These are regular events or outings that take place during the year.  Stay tuned though because you never know when another one might pop up.  Reference the 2016-17 VI Calendar for all the details. 

Retreat & Missions Trip

Retreats and Mission Trips provide students an opportunity to ramp up the fellowship and go out into the world. Elevation 2016 is going on a hunt for Lost Treasure at a great new retreat facility called Refreshing Mountain in Stevens, PA. New in 2017 is a week long missions trip to Detroit, Michigan.  Please visit the Elevation or Missions Trip pages for more details.


Confirmation is the process to join the Methodist Church and specifically Armstrong Chapel.  Classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:40 and run from November until March.  Classes involve learning about the traditions of the Methodist church, some quizzes, journaling and a test at the end.  There is also a Confirmation Retreat and service weekend.  Details are mailed home to all 8th grade students in late September.  Eighth grade students and older students are welcome.

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