Elevation 2017- Dive In! 

Did you ever notice how many of the stories of the Bible revolve around water, or mention water? Stories like Jesus’ Baptism, Jesus turning the water into wine. Of course, who can forget the wild story of Jonah diving into the sea and ending up in the belly of a great fish. Then, there are the prophets and psalmists who write about rivers appearing in deserts and casting away our sins to deep dark forgotten places at the bottom of the sea. In fact, the first reference to water is found in Genesis 1:2 and the last reference is in Revelation 22:17 the very first and last chapters of the Bible! Water literally flows through the entire narrative of scripture.

It is interesting that several of these stories involve God calling someone to dive in. God puts an opportunity right in front of one of them and then we watch as the questions start to surface… will they, won’t they…what will happen if they do follow through, if they dive in? Stories like Moses standing on the edge of the Red Sea wondering what to do as an enormous Egyptian army bears down on them, or Jesus calling out from the shore for the disciples to cast their net to the other side of the boat after they’d been out fishing all night. Each of these is a unique story  centering on water where God calls someone to dive in.

Then, of course, there is Peter. He is involved in possibly one of greatest stories, including water, of all time. It is the story of that fateful night when the other disciples and he were far out to sea and they suddenly find themselves mystified as they see this ghostly figure walking towards them on WATER! Finally they start to think, “Hey this could be Jesus,” and before Peter realizes what he says he finds Jesus calling out to him, “Peter come join me!” In the middle of the sea, and surrounded by crashing waves, Jesus invites Peter to jump out of a boat. Peter, in response, dives into the sea only to find that where one would expect to be soaking wet and starting to sink into the murky depths, Peter, instead, starts to miraculously walk on top of the water. In a way, Peter learns to walk all over again. A walk not based on his strength, but on the Lord’s. I have to imagine that Peter’s eyes where open to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Do you ever wonder how many times we hear the call of Jesus but miss it? Or worse yet, we hear it but we decide, “Na…I’m good. I’ll just stay right here in the boat.” Peter’s encounter with Jesus on water was breathtaking and life changing. Can you imagine standing on water with the power of the currents and waves surging beneath your feet? We as humans have tried to replicate this supernatural experience by riding waves on surfboards and body boards. We’ve created jet boats, water skies, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, battle ships, submarines, and so many other things to try and find the thrill of diving in and harnessing the power of the water.

Too many times, I think, we keep ourselves on the sideline. Too many times in life we decide to remain in the boat, we follow what is easy for us; we walk the same paths never choosing to dive in. Never choosing to truly experience the Lord’s power under our feet.

During this year’s Elevation we will explore how we can dive in when Jesus calls. We’ll learn how we can harness the power of the Spirit in our life and ride it to new adventures and heights. As we do we pray our eyes will be opened to a whole new world of possibilities!

Elevation 2017 is a time to Dive In to life and experience its fullness. And maybe one day our story will read something like Peter’s from Matthew 14:29, Jesus called out to Peter… “So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.”

The Basic Details

WHEN: June 11-17, 2017 

WHERE: Refreshing Mounting, Stevens, PA

 PAPERWORK: Registration Form, ACUMC VI Liability Form*, Refreshing Mtn. Form
(*You may have a valid liability form on file if you have attended another VI trip in the past 2 years. Call Wendy in the church office to confirm.)

COST: Lock into the cost below by getting your registration AND  $100 deposit in by the due date indicated.

Financial Assistance The goal is for every student to attend Elevation. If the cost is a problem, please contact Pastor Kyle to discuss options. Financial issues shouldn’t prevent a student from attending Elevation.

Reminder: Summer 2017 Two Trip Package is an amazing deal! If you  register for Elevation your Mission Trip cost is only $150!!!  

What’s Included?
< Transportation via chartered bus,
< Lodging
< Meals while at the resort (but not while we’re in route to and from)
< Amazing entertainment, fun and games
< Retreat t-shirt
< Fellowship
< Fantastic messages
< Lots of surprises


How Do I Sign Up?

Complete permission form (Click below for an online version or turn in the paper version mailed home in early February. Extras in the L)

Turn in  permission form & $100 deposit by the corresponding date to the rate

Liability forms (ACUMC & Refreshing Mtn. ) & balance are due by May 30th

Don’t forget we have an amazing Summer 2017 Combo Package. If you sign up for Elevation your mission trip rate is only $150!

Online registration is available to complete your payment balance due.

Parental Consent & Liability Form (Required by Armstrong)

Refreshing Mountain_Liability (Required by the retreat center, Refreshing Mountain)

 Missions Trip

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